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Promoting Jobs and Economic Development

John Bradford’s platform is anchored on fostering economic growth by providing career opportunities to the constituents of Kansas. He is constantly engaged in crucial issues, such as:

  • Tax Reduction
  • Veterans’ Welfare
  • Education
  • Family Values
  • Second Amendment
  • Local Issues

Inclusive Growth

John believes that job creation and economic progress should be felt by all citizens—within the district, county, and state. He is currently leading efforts to complete the Kansas City Metropolitan Outer Beltway, which will help create additional job opportunities, eventually leading to a significant economic boom. This project involves:

  • Building a 4-lane interstate-quality highway from the Edgerton Intermodal Facility in Johnson County northward through Leavenworth County, crossing the river at a new 4-lane bridge on Metropolitan Avenue in Leavenworth, and proceeding eastward to Platte City in Missouri
  • Building a 4-lane interstate-quality highway from the Missouri River Bridge on I-435 using County Road 5 and McIntyre Road in Leavenworth County, and intersecting with the new 4-lane interstate west of the city of Leavenworth
  • Working with local civic and military leaders to foster a climate that will facilitate the movement of the U.S. Army War College, the U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy, and the U.S. Army Senior Warrant Officer Program to Fort Leavenworth

In 2014, John sponsored a bill that allowed the expansion of microbreweries within Kansas, removing limitations on capacity and allowing self-distribution of their products. The bill was successfully passed, paving the way toward increased production.

Because of his commitment to creating sustainable job opportunities, John was deservingly recognized by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce as a pro-jobs legislator back in 2013 and 2014.

Tax Reduction

John carried the Fair Tax Bill during the 2013 session in an effort to acquire 63 co-sponsors needed to guarantee its passage. This bill was designed to eliminate all corporate taxes and numerous tax exemptions as well as abolish the state income tax.

Veterans’ Issues

During the same session in 2013, John introduced House Bill 2350, which would have exempted all Kansas residents on active military duty from state income taxes. This exemption applied to all branches of the service, including active, reserve, and guard, and was based on tenure. Unfortunately, the bill did not get a hearing.

John co-sponsored Senate Bill 136, which allows military veterans to have “Veteran” printed on the front of their state-issued driver’s licenses or identification cards.

He also co-sponsored House Bill 2078, which enacts new laws and amends existing requirements for licensing bodies and licensure for military service members. The bill also amended prior laws regarding military experience for the licensing of practical nurses and emergency medical technicians.

During the 2015 session, John defended a bill that allowed all 100% disabled veterans to have their primary home and up to 2 vehicles exempted from property tax.


John introduced and successfully achieved the passage of House Bill 2349, which requires the Legislative Division of Post Audit to conduct 9 school district efficiency audits every fiscal year.

Moreover, John played a significant role in ensuring the passage of House Bill 2261 (Celebrate Freedom Week) during debates in both the Education Committee and Committee of the Whole.

John also introduced House Bill 2289, which aimed to stop all funding and further implementation of Common Core Educational Standards. This was one of the most hotly debated bills of the session. The bill failed in the committee, but was resurrected by the Senate in a different format during the final days of the session – only to be defeated again. 

The core of the issue was the national takeover of public schooling by the federal government. The attempt to stop Common Core was never based on the merits of the program, but rather on the large costs associated with its implementation by the State Board of Education.

Due to a lack of understanding by legislators and citizens on this issue, John led a grassroots movement to educate the general public. He conducted town hall meetings across the state during the summer months, right after the adjournment of the 2013 session.

John was part of a small group of legislators and citizens who lobbied the State Board of Education (SBOE) throughout the summer of 2013 to reject Common Core Testing Standards. In December of 2013, the SBOE voted to reject the Smarter Balanced Testing Program associated with Common Core and retain the University of Kansas as the test development agency, achieving huge cost savings for the State.

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Family Values

John passionately supports all pro-life legislations and is fully committed to solidifying the foundation of American families. He backs all legislations that build on the core principles of establishing strong traditional families and care for children.

Second Amendment

John is an ardent supporter of individual rights regarding all Second Amendment issues. He believes that the right to keep and bear arms is not a debatable issue.

Local Issues

John takes a proactive role when it comes to addressing local issues, staying abreast of matters within the district, county, and state. As a member of the Leavenworth/Lansing Chamber of Commerce, he attends Leavenworth County Economic Development Council (LC/DC) meetings, city and county commission meetings, and civic meetings and activities.

John believes that maintaining an ongoing dialogue with city and county officials, as well as constituents, is important to make sure that the interests of the district and the county are always considered in all legislative matters.

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